Sourcing and Management

Petals West is committed to supplying the market with the highest-quality flowers that stay fresh from the moment they leave the farm until well beyond the time they’re placed in a vase.

Tis my faith that every flower enjoy the air it breaths. - William Wordsworth

Quality Assurance

At Petals West, it’s our goal to provide the best possible flowers to our customers that exceed expectations. We take great care in ensuring the flowers we supply to the market meet quality benchmarks before they leave the country they were grown in.

Our on-site quality assurance personnel thoroughly check all flowers to minimize risk of disease and ensure all quality standards and specifications are met.

Transport and Storage

We know maintaining flower quality during transportation, storage and ultimately on display in a home or office is of utmost importance. To ensure the maximum life of all flowers, we strictly follow Cold Chain Management. The total process is expected to gain 20%-30% extension on vase life.

This process ensures flowers remain at a steady temperature of 36 to 38°F during transportation from the farm to our warehouse. By keeping the flowers at this temperature, we can extend their life by slowing plant tissue respiration, restricting bacterial growth and limiting depletion of food reserves in leaves and petals.

When the flowers arrive at Petals West, they’re processed for final delivery in a Chrysal Certified warehouse. The combination of Chrysal additives and Cold Chain Management dramatically extends the life of fresh-cut flowers.