Social Programs

At Petals West, social responsibility is an integral part of our company. We strive to form relationships with the farms we work with to enhance the lives of the workers and their families.

We also work closely on programs for the disadvantaged within our own community.

Dreams come true on a field of flowers

We believe the best way to say ‘thanks’ to the communities that help our company grow and flourish, is to enhance the lives of people living in those communities with social programs geared to breaking the poverty chains associated with the economic conditions in most growing regions. Although the majority of countries we buy from are struggling, it is our belief that if we all help where we can their lives, and in effect our world, will be a better place to live.

Over the past two decades, Petals West has truly made a difference with flowers. As a charter member of the Ripple Effect program, now chaired by Rotary, the program has helped to break poverty chains throughout the world through education. Another major project within our community is Camp Manitou on which we hold a board seat and provide countless hours of community service. Camp Manitou is committed to redirecting high-risk youth by providing a free summer camp opportunity in a nurturing, unthreatening environment.

Build a school program

An award-winning initiative that provides opportunity through education.